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Cincinnati Tree and Shrub Care

Dormant Oil

Dormant oil will be applied to inhibit scale insects and overwintering adult insects during the winter and early spring months.

Landscape Bed Fertilization

A balanced time-released plant food is applied to landscape plants to give ornamental trees and shrubs the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth.  Deep root fertilization is also recommended for healthy development of mid to large size plants as their root systems grow much deeper.

Insect / Pest Management

We will inspect and apply insecticides and miticides as needed to all trees and shrubs up to three (3) times during the growing season.  These applications will treat such pests as caterpillars, aphids, red spider mites, the white pine sawfly, tent worms, beetles, bagworms and other destructive leaf-eating insects throughout the summer.  Applications exceeding the quantity in the contract would require an additional charge.  As with our Lawn Care Program, treatments are applied to specific trees and shrubs only as necessary following a thorough plant inspection.  This helps to protect our environment by using pesticides only as necessary for the health of the plants.

Deep Root Fertilization

A time-released liquid fertilizer will be injected into the plants and trees root system to assure adequate nutrients for the development of a deep, sound root system and to encourage healthy top growth for a full year.  This is performed in either spring or fall, subject to production schedule, temperature and weather conditions.  We suggest our deep root fertilization to ensure long-term growth and vigor of your trees, as this is the most valuable service available to promote healthy plants.