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Cincinnati Snow Removal Service

Option 1:

Lot Plowing / Truck Charge

Snow is plowed as needed to clear parking lots and drive areas per snowfall.  Fixed price per plowing, however some long continuous snowfalls may require a 2nd or 3rd plowing.

Lot Salting

The lots are serviced as agreed, depending on current weather conditions.  Fixed price per application.  If a 2nd or 3rd visit is necessary because of weather conditions it will be considered an additional application.

Walk Clearing / De-icer Service

Fixed price per application.  Hand shoveling is performed as necessary and de-icer chemical applied to sidewalks to allow for safe walking conditions.  If snowfalls continue, repeat visits will be required with additional applications.


Option 2:

Company standard time and material pricing:

  • Truck Plowing   
  • Lot Salting   
  • Shovel Labor   
  • Walk De-icer 



In the event of a long, continuous snowstorm or a second storm shortly following a first storm, it may occasionally become necessary to perform the service(s) twice or more in one (1) day.  In all of these cases, we will charge the owner based on the time and materials actually allocated to the site.  A percentage of the contract price based on the areas needed to be serviced a second time will be charged for fixed contract price amounts.  Fixed price example:  Snowfalls of 4-6” or more generally require extra and/or repeated service calls to clear lots and walks completely.  An additional charge will be billed, pro-rated according to services performed, beyond that of our regular service.

It is agreed that plowing will be necessary when snowfall accumulation reaches 1-2” in depth.  For such conditions as sleet, freezing rain, ice and snow less than 1” in depth, Blue Sky Lawn & Landscape shall clear walks, stairs, high traffic drives and other areas as deemed necessary to allow safe travel for both vehicles and pedestrians.  The charge for treating these frequently traveled ‘high risk’ areas will be charged on a time and materials basis or as a percentage of the total contract price.  The actual price will depend on the actual weather conditions, amount of work and material needed for each service call.

Blue Sky Lawn & Landscape reserves the right to limit their service area and to accept and provide service for current grounds maintenance customers prior to performing work for other snow service customers.

NOTICE:  Due to the problem of identifying parking lot speed bumps and curbing during snowfalls, we cannot guarantee against possible damage while performing snow removal services.