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Cincinnati Floral Display

Bed Design and Preparation

Flowerbeds are designed into your landscape and proper planting mixes are added to the soil to create a mounded planting environment necessary for healthy plant vigor and color.

Spring Pansies

Early spring color while the temperatures are still too cool for summer annuals.

Summer Annuals - Flats

Selected flowers are installed in key landscape beds to give your property extra color and curb appeal.

Summer Annuals – 6” Pots

For those sites who want larger plants immediately.

Flower Bed Maintenance / Flower Care Watering / Fertilizer

All flowers will receive professional care and be pruned as needed.  Watering is not included unless our Flower Care service, as listed below, is selected.  Weeds in flowerbeds will be treated with post-emergent herbicides or hand weeded as necessary.  Our fertilization and watering service is designed to protect your investment and will keep your flowers healthy and vibrant all summer long by providing proper food and moisture levels.

Fall Mums

These are added to flower beds for increased color and brilliance.  Installation in early September keeps your landscape attractive until severe frosts in the fall.  Mums are available in a variety of colors. 

Fall Cabbage or Kale

Flowering cabbage and kale are green and purple in color and make great border plantings and stand-alone displays.

Fall Pansies

End of season color which in some conditions will survive through the winter months.

Spring Bulbs

These must be installed in the fall of the preceding season.  Customers signed up by December are eligible for new spring bulb displays.

Removal of Flowers

We will properly and promptly remove flowers that have ‘run their course’ after each seasonal display.