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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing of all properly landscaped turf areas on a regular basis, including weedeater trimming around trees, buildings, curbs, and other areas as necessary with each mowing.  Blowing grass and other debris off of walks, stairs, etc., and picking up of all paper, cans and other trash prior to service as necessary with each mowing, unless noted otherwise.  Service is scheduled according to seasonal weather conditions to keep grounds in a neat and clean appearance.


Walk / Curb Edging

Professional walk edging along concrete walks and drives will be performed as needed to promote a sharp, well-maintained look all season long.


Other Mowing / Weedeating / Bushhog Service

Secondary mowing and/or weedeater maintenance areas are serviced during the year as needed so as not to detract from primary landscape areas.  Bushhogging services of all non-properly graded lawn and field areas are cut down periodically throughout the growing season.