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Cincinnati Landscape Maintenance

Spring Cleanup / Landscape Beds Edged

All existing beds and grounds will be cleaned up as necessary to remove the accumulation of leaves and debris from the winter season. The landscape beds are re-edged in the spring to establish definite lines between bed and lawn areas.

Spring Mulch

Fresh bark mulch will be added to all existing beds in the spring in order to maintain the proper 1.5” thickness recommended.  Our goal is to complete mulching by May 31st.  Please let us know if you desire service at any particular point during the spring.

Landscape Maintenance / Pre & Post Emergent

Service intervals can be tailored to meet the needs of your site.  A pre-emergent herbicide will be applied once in the spring to reduce weed seed germination in planting beds.  Weeds will be removed from planting beds using post-emergent herbicides and hand weeding to keep landscape in a superior condition. Chemical vegetation control of all undesirable growth in such areas as sidewalk joints, along fences, buildings, curbs, around trees and signposts.  Mulch painting or adding fresh mulch in late summer is available, for an extra charge, upon request. 

Shrubs Trimmed

All bushes and shrubs will be pruned following spring growth, in the fall as needed, and a winter dormant prune.  We use proper horticulture techniques to aid in correct plant growth.  The first pruning will be completed by July 31st, the second by October 31st.  Dormant pruning is performed during the winter.  This important process allows for proper cutback of deciduous shrubs, thinning and resizing of overgrown or mature plant material and hard pruning of taxus and juniper for a uniform appearance.

Trees Pruned

Trees will be pruned to remove dead, broken, conflicting or low branches to provide proper growth patterns.  If needed, tree topping and shaping can be performed for an additional charge.  Service for pruning, trimming and removal of trees over 15’ is contracted out.

Groundcover Care

Groundcover beds are maintained and trimmed as needed throughout the growing season to keep landscape beds attractive all year.

Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanup and leaf removal will be performed beginning in mid-October and lasting throughout the fall, so grounds are always neat and attractive.

Fall Mulch

Fresh bark mulch will be added to all existing beds in the fall, in order to keep a fresh appearance to your landscape.

Parking Lot Cleanup

Our crews will police your paved surfaces to remove loose debris, paper, bottles, cans, etc., to complete the professional look your property requires. 

Perennial Maintenance

Proper deadheading and trimming during the growing season and end of season cutting back.