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Cincinnati Lawn Care Services

Turf Fertilization

We strive for a balance between proper nutrient levels and excessive plant growth.  This approach keeps your lawn green, lowers mowing costs and maximizes your property management funds.

 Early Spring - Balanced fertilization, providing the required nutrients for early season growth, vigor and fertility.

Late Spring - Balanced slow-release fertilization is applied.  The nutrient levels are modified due to the more rapid growth rate at this time of year.

Summer - Controlled slow-release fertilization is utilized to overcome mid-seasonal heat and drought stresses affecting the turfgrass plant.

Late Summer - Balanced fertilization, coupled with cooler temperatures and adequate precipitation, enable the turf to recover from summer stress and dormancy.  Increased turf plant vigor and growth rate will result.

Fall - Turf plant shoot and leaf growth slow down and stop during late fall, but root growth continues.  Balanced fall fertilization is vital to strengthen the turfgrass plant where health is most needed - below ground level, where the benefits are not usually visible.  The proper nutrients applied at this time enhance root vigor and elongation, and are stored in the roots for a quicker spring green up next season.

Broadleaf Weed Control

The proper herbicides are applied in the spring, summer and fall as weather conditions permit.  The fall broadleaf weed control application is of the utmost importance as many perennial weeds are most susceptible to control at this time of year.  Service calls are at no charge to customers subscribing to two (2) or more broadleaf weed applications a year.  To encourage sound environmental policies, we apply pesticides only as necessary.

Crabgrass Weed Pre-Emergent

Pre-emergent crabgrass control to prevent grassy weeds, also controls goosegrass and foxtail is applied in early spring.  It must be applied before the weedy grass plant emerges to be effective.  Nutsedge and post crabgrass control will require an additional charge.

Insect / Grub Application

Our certified technicians will apply the proper insecticide to lawn areas as needed to combat and minimize the damaging effects of turf insects, including white grubs.

Lawn Core Aeration

Core aeration is beneficial for turf with heavy thatch accumulations, 3/4” or more, and is the best way to reduce compaction in lawns.  An over abundance of thatch prevents rainfall and irrigation from reaching the root zone and provides the ideal habitat for destructive turf pests and diseases.  Core aeration is the most efficient process to alleviate heavy thatch and promote strong root development.

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